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Birthday Party Characters

Phone: 1-866-676-1374

We are the leading kids entertainment company in all of California!  Serving all major cities in Northern and Southern California!  

At Birthday Party Characters we want to do everything we can to make your party nothing less than perfect! With a team of experienced performers well trained to cater to both small and large audiences, we have the expertise to make it easy and entertaining for everyone involved.

Characters, Entertainers (Princess, Pirate Mermaid, Fairies, Pirates Ballerina), Bounce Houses, Trackless Train, Concessions and more!

Call 1-866-676-1374



  • Don't forget to add a Bouncer to your Character Visit!
  • How would you like to have a friendly famous celebrity character make a surprise visit to your child birthday party?!?!
  • Our characters do much more than just smile and pose for photos. During the course of the next hour or two, your child and their friends will:
  • Indulge in all kinds of games designed to entertain specifically for their average age range.
  • Play age appropriate games and sing songs with that famous furry red monster
  • A comic hero boot camp that leaves your kids and their friends feeling like super heroes in training.
  • Or a birthday parade led by that big eared mouse in the bow tie tail and red sateen pants
  • Or that hilarious sea sponge guy shooting hoops with your birthday star
  • Or our performers can start off by designing some amazing balloon animals and/or colorful face painting before they jump into costume to make your pictures pop with vibrant colors and memories that you would cherish forever. 
We highly recommend booking 90 minutes in order to allow ample time to cover all activities:
  • Character specific theme music is played in the background when the character appears and greets the kids with party favors to entice them so that they have a chance to get comfortable with them.
  • The characters start out with fun and interactive games that get the children excited and warmed up for the show.
  • The kids are than involved with team building activities that include musical hot potato and various carnival style games that have them laughing and smiling throughout the show.
  • The show also includes popular musical games that our characters sing with the kids while holding hands in a circle.
  • Our Characters also pose for individual pictures and group pictures towards the end of the show and most people love to conclude the show with our characters singing the Birthday Song while cutting the cake with the lucky birthday person.
  • We take great pride in offering the best costumes in the state of California and all are performers have been professionally trained at being animated inside the costume to make the kids the least doubtful of our characters.
  • We use professional music equipment and bring all the necessary equipment required to do the show that is included in the package price.


  • Carousel, Firetruck, Clown Jump, Balloon Jump, lympic Arena, Sports Arena, 3D Sports Jump, (with 2 basketball hoops)
  • Sports, Monster Truck #1, Monster Truck #2 (with basketball hoops), Bigfoot Monster, Fun House, Jungle, Seabounce, Elephant, Butterfly Castle
  • Train, Dinosaur Jump, Lady Bug, Clown Fish, Birthday Cake 1, Round Birthday Cake 2, Square Birthday Cake 3
  • Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday 2 (blue), Happy Birthday 3 (pink), Noah's Ark, Bible, God Bless America
  • Halloween, Underwater Fun, Dinosaurs, Super Modular Jump, Pink Kingdom, Horse Belly Bounce, ot Air Balloon, Race Car (pick your color blue or red)
  • Race Car 2, Crayon Jump, Sea World Bounce, Rocket Jump, Rocket Jump 2, Tropical Little Kids Jumper, Gray Castle
Themed Jumps  
  • Little Mermaid©, Superman©, Disney Princess Modular©, Cinderella©, Dora©, Strawberry  Modular©, Lilo & Stitch©, Winnie©
  • Tinkerbell, Mickey Mouse©, Finding Nemo©, Spongebob©, Power Rangers©, Toy Story©, Shrek ©, ars, Scooby-Doo©
  • Teenage Ninja Turtles©, The Incredibles©, Madagascar©, urious George©, Luau©, Batman©, Spiderman Modular©
  • Monster Truck, t's a Girl Thing, Tigger©, Disney Princess Jump©, Spiderman©, Ratatouille©, Backyardigans©, Tinker Bell ©
Club Jumps   
  • Disney Princess Club©, Hulk Club©, Power Rangers Club©, Lilo & Stitch Club©, The Incredibles Club©
  • Dora the Explorer Club©, Finding Nemo Club©, Spiderman Club©, Dora Saves Mermaid©, Elmo Club©
Water Activities 
  • Water Slid,16ft Waterslide,Body Slide
  • 2 -Lane Body Slide,Dunk Tank,Splash Down
  • 16ft Water Slide,Slip n' Dip,Tropical Water Slide      
Very Large Inflatables
  • Jurassic Survivor,Space Shuttle Slide,Rat Race Obstacle
  • Catch A Wave Slide,Jurassic Adventure,Skaterboy Mega Slide
  • Adrenaline Rush,35-foot Kraken
Small Combo Units
  • Ocean Playground,Sports Combo (with Mini Slide), Jungle Combo (with basketball hoops)
  • Castle Combo,Pink Castle Combo,Castle with Slide,Mini Princess Combo 4 in 1
  •  Mini 3 in 1 Panel Combo,Mini Mod Combo,Mod with Slide,Pirates 5 in 1 Combo
  • Small Disney Combo,Birthday Cake with Slide,Indoor/Outdoor mini 4in1 combo (bouncer/climber/slide/basketball hoop)
  •  Small Jungle Kids Combo,Indoor/Outdoor Sports 5in1 combo (Jumper, Climbing Wall, and more...)
 Large Combo Units
  •  4-in-1 Mega (uncovered) (2-Lane Combo),4-in-1 Mega (covered) (2-Lane Combo)
  •  Pink Princess 4in1 Combo
  •  4-in-1 Mega Combo (1 Lane Combo),4-in-1 Ocean Combo,4-in-1 Crayon Combo
  •  5 in 1 Dragon Combo (with Jumper, Slide, Climbing Wall, Obstacle Course and Basketball Hoop)
  •  Castle 5 in 1 Combo,Mod Combo 5 in 1, Plain 5 in 1 Combo
  •  Dora the Explorer 5in1 Combo,Shrek 5 in 1 Combo,Disney Princes 5 in 1 Combo
  •  Sponge Bob Club© 5 in 1 Combo,The Incredibles 5 in1 combo
  •  Elephant 5 in 1 Combo,Mod 6 in 1,Scooby Doo's Mystery Machine,Tiny Tots Express 
  •  Extra-long 1 hour appearances of Princesses offering:
  •  Kid-Friendly Magic Shows!
  •  Professional Puppet Storytelling!
  •  Professional Sparkling Face Painting!
  •  Balloon Twisting! • Singing, Dancing, Fairy Dance and Hula Lessons, Games and More!

Clowns & Magic

We have experienced children's magician who performs magic tricks, balloon modeling, face painting, and bubbles. We love children and have a few of my own! Although We specialize in children's birthday parties' ages 3-9 years old, We can perform as magicians or clowns at any type of party involving children. For large gatherings, we also bring a helper or fellow performer.    
We flexibly adapt our performances to suit your needs. Although a typical birthday magic show performance is one hour, We can perform up to several hours. We also can change the sequence of events.
When the circumstances warrant, We sometimes make use a of a small portable public address system so that everyone attending can participate. Children love the way We include them as active participants throughout our performances:
  • Magic
  • Balloons
  • Face Painting
  • Bubbles


  • Because we adapt our performances to suit your needs, prices vary depending upon the following factors:
  • The type and length of performance.
  • The number and ages of the children.
  • The location of the performance.
  • The date and time of day.
  • Depending on the ages and number of kids, a typical birthday party performance lasts for about an hour and consists of the following:
  • The first 15 minutes consists of magic tricks.
  • During the second 15 minutes, balloon modeling or face painting.
  • Cotton Candy
  • Snow Cone
  • Hot Dog Machine
  • Margarita Machine
Call 1-866-676-1374

Offerings subject to change at any time.




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